WordPress Major Update to 5.0

woman frustrated at computer with WordPress 5.0 upgrade

WordPress updates all the time, usually without any issues. Except when there’s a major update. At those times, themes, plugins, hosts, custom code, could all break your website if they are not compatible with the update.

WordPress has just released a major update to WordPress 5.0. Many people are reporting major website problems after updating. 

The way I do updates is to back up the website, make a copy, and test the update in a test environment (not live). If the test website breaks, I fix it in the test environment. Only when everything is perfect will I update the live website.

If you have updated to WordPress 5.0 and your website broke, or if you want to keep your WordPress up to date for security reasons and need help updating, please complete the form below. I will get with you as soon as possible.

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