Moving Your Website From Zendy Labs

Zendy Labs has closed. All of their hosted websites must be moved to another host.

There are special considerations for websites moved from Zendy Labs

Zendy Labs made extensive use of custom and subscription-based plugins. Each of these plugins must be replaced with standard plugins, one at a time, with information moved over.

Zendy used their reseller registrar to register new domains. If that is the case with your domain, we will need to move you to another registrar, like GoDaddy.

Zendy set up each website within their Google Analytics account. We will work with Zendy to get that moved to your own account.

Once we are finished, your website will be cleaned out of custom plugins, and your accounts will all be in your name, so it can be moved to another host very easily.

Because we don’t know yet which plugins and accounts Zendy used with your website, we will need to get into your admin to determine the extent of work required to move your website and create an estimate of time. Since we’ve done this several times already, you can be sure that our costs will be lower than someone starting from scratch.

If you do not know your various account login information, such as WordPress admin and FTP, please email Yacine at giving us authorization to request that information from him. Mahalo.

Complete the form below. The first step is for us to get into your WordPress admin and look around so we can advise you of any issues that might need additional charges. We will get with you as soon as possible after that. Payment will come later.

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