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End the cycle of website redesign costs

We know the cycle. Pay $5,000+ for a new website that looks great. After a few years, it becomes outdated, so you pay $5,000+ again for a newer website. Sometimes you even have to start from scratch with a new web designer. It’s disruptive, time consuming, and stressful every time.

I can help you break the cycle.

Introducing WPKauai’s Forever Website, where your website is designed and developed, then maintained and updated, for a set monthly fee, with an awesome twist outlined below.

First you pay an initial design and development fee, as you would for any new website. Then pay $299 a month, which includes the Premium Support Plan (normally $199/month). The twist?

Every two years I’ll completely redesign and develop your website based on two years of visitor statistics, current web trends, and your feedback. This ensures your website stays state-of-the-art, while providing a fresh new visitor experience to promote every two years – without the $5,000+ fee.

Because I don’t want to commit myself to too many website redesigns every two years, I will only accept one (1) new Forever Website client per month, for a maximum of twelve (12).

If you’re interested, we need to start with a quote for the initial website creation.

Your website is the only online asset you have complete control over

A business website is your central marketing point for all marketing materials. It’s the place you own and control, where you can provide as much information as customers and potential customers need to make a decision. It’s where people find you through search engines. No other marketing channel is as cost effective.

A website allows you to advertise with teaser information with a link to more information. A website can prequalify your prospects, can get them primed for your pitch, can make them comfortable with who you are and what you do or sell. A website allows you to tell your story without pressure, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. No other marketing tool is as powerful and effective.

Most people look for a website to learn about your business before they ever contact you. They use their computers, tablets, and smartphones. If you don’t have a website, or have an ineffective website that doesn’t work on all devices, you’ve lost them before you even knew they were interested. The days of websites being optional, or non-mobile websites being “good enough” are long gone. All other advertising is a waste without this tool.

Handcrafted Designs That Work

A few of our most recent website designs

Responsive Websites

What is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive Website Design means your website will adjust its layout for whatever device the visitor is using. If it’s a computer, the website will show full width. On a tablet, it will compress to the width of the tablet while keeping the text large enough to read and images placed attractively. On a much smaller screen, like a smartphone, your website will compress to a single column for the best readability.

We plan, create, and build beautiful websites using the latest technologies and responsive design techniques so your customers will have a consistent experience anywhere and everywhere they access your website, on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

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About Chuck Lasker

Chuck has over twenty years of web design and development experience. He also has an extensive marketing background that includes ongoing study of the psychology and trends of web design, so the websites he creates are not just pretty, they’re highly effective. Chuck’s focus is helping you get more customers, spending more money, more often. WP Kauai websites are not an expense, they are an investment, with real returns.

Chuck is best known on Kauai for his business, Social Kauai. Chuck has been working with WordPress for over a decade, specializing in WordPress websites since 2011. He has built hundreds of WordPress websites, including the Kauai Farm FairKauai United WayPoipu Shopping Village, and has been hosting and maintaining WordPress websites for over 5 years.

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